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Difficulties in the Bible
by R.A. Torrey

Torrey explores the Bible to address "those objections of which the modern infidel makes the most, and which are most puzzling to many Christians."  First published in 1907, but the issues covered are surprisingly current. A thoughtful read for anyone with doubts or questions about the Bible's authenticity.

Many who read the Bible today struggle with questions as to some of the hisotrical accounts contained within its pages.  R.A. Torrey classifies these difficulties and addresses some in a very easily understood manner, for example "How shall we deal with the difficulties in the Bible?";  "Genesis 1:  Historic or Scientific?"; "Where did Cain get his wife?";   "Jehovah's command to Abraham to offer up Isaac as a burnt offering",  "God hardening Pharaoh's heart", and many more

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  R.A. Torrey
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Last Updated: August 15, 2012

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