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A Walk Through Psalms

Devotional Workbooks for Families, Youth, Church Study Groups

by Riètte Odendaal Sinclair


How often have you sat down and actually read the entire book of Psalms from start to finish? And if you have, did you understand the historical background and deeper meaning of the prose of each psalm?

A Walk Through Psalms is a series of 31 workbooks that guide you along your journey of the Psalms. These books are not intended as an intellectual pursuit of knowledge, but rather as companion guides for those who desire a deeper, more intimate relationship with the God and Creator of the Universe. A Walk Through Psalms allows for a systematic analysis of each psalm with thought‐provoking study questions that help the reader to evaluate his own life and apply the valuable concepts contained in the rich prose of the psalms.

A Walk Through Psalms is a derivative work, based on the book Heart Connections, a devotional commentary on the Psalms, by Paul G. Apple. Please visit Paul G. Apple’s website to read or download his Devotional Commentary on Psalms.

A Walk Through Psalms
A Walk Through Psalms
by Riètte Odendaal Sinclair
Age 10 and up

The author of A Walk Through Psalms has expanded upon this work by reformatting the content, adding images, and designing additional material that would benefit a wider audience.

* Pastors and Bible teachers can use these books for adult and youth Sunday school classes.
* Homeschool groups can incorporate these books into their Bible curriculum.
* Individual families can gather around the family table for devotions and study the Psalms together.
* Individual Christians can use these workbooks to study the Psalms by themselves in pursuit of a closer relationship with their Savior.
* The activity pages and worksheets can be printed and used by children of various ages, and also adults.
* Bible memory verse cards have been provided for Scripture meditation and memorization.

The series of 31 Volumes covers all 150 psalms. Each psalm has a title, big idea and outline, based on the commentary by Paul G. Apple. Scripture memorization is encouraged with a copywork page and memory cards that can be photocopied and cut out. The worksheets for each psalm contain thought provoking study questions that encourage introspection. The devotional questions are taken from Heart Connections, and are meant to stimulate family/group discussion. Finally, a few Points to Ponder summarize some of the life lessons we can draw from each psalm.

Paul G. Apple graciously makes his commentary on Psalms, Heart Connections, freely available with the goal of reaching as many people as possible. In keeping with Mr. Apple’s generous spirit, the author of A Walk Through Psalms is making all the workbooks in the series also freely available with no restriction, except that no excerpt of this work may be copied and used for commercial gain without the written consent of the author.


All 31 volumes are available now.

Click on the Link to download the free eBook (pdf)

Volume 1 Psalm 1-5
Volume 2 Psalm 6-10
Volume 3 Psalm 11-15
Volume 4 Psalm 16-20
Volume 5 Psalm 21-25
Volume 6 Psalm 26-30
Volume 7 Psalm 31-35
Volume 8 Psalm 36-40
Volume 9 Psalm 41-45
Volume 10 Psalm 46-50
Volume 11 Psalm 51-55
Volume 12 Psalm 56-60
Volume 13 Psalm 61-65
Volume 14 Psalm 66-70
Volume 15 Psalm 71-75
Volume 16 Psalm 76-80
Volume 17 Psalm 81-85
Volume 18 Psalm 86-90
Volume 19 Psalm 91-95
Volume 20 Psalm 96-100
Volume 21 Psalm 101-105
Volume 22 Psalm 106-110
Volume 23 Psalm 111-115
Volume 24 Psalm 116-118
Volume 25 Psalm 119
Volume 26 Psalm 120-125
Volume 27 Psalm 126-130
Volume 28 Psalm 131-135
Volume 29 Psalm 136-140
Volume 30 Psalm 141-145
Volume 31 Psalm 146-150
“Freely you received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)
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